Trading My Car In California

Trading My Car in California

Trading My Car in California

How Trading a Car Works

When the time comes to get behind the wheel of a new vehicle, you want to understand the steps to trading my car in Madera, CA. At Gill CDJR, we make it easy to buy a car and help you with trading in your vehicle. We will get you the maximum price of the car and help you with any existing loan balance. Schedule your visit with us today.

Trade-In vs. Selling to a Private Party

When you want a new set of wheels, you must first decide what to do with your existing vehicle. You can usually get a higher price when you sell to a private party, so why would you want to consider trading a car? While the Kelley Blue Book trade-in price is usually lower than the private party, there’s a ton less hassle you have to deal with. You won’t have to schedule test drives and deal with strangers. For all the time it takes to sell a car privately, the little bit of money you will give up on a trade-in won’t be worth the headaches.

Additionally, if you have auto loans on the vehicle, selling it to a third party can prove to be more difficult. You will have to pay off the existing loan amount and might even need to add a penalty charge if you are trying to get out of the loan term early. Finding out the remaining balance can also prove to be difficult, causing even more work for you. Plus, if you don’t have positive equity in the vehicle, you will have to come up with the difference owed.

Trading My Car Options

When you visit with the team at Gill CDJR, all of your options will be laid out for you to evaluate. If you have a car with a loan, we can give you a dealer offer with this in mind. We can pay off the loan for you in the process of setting up your new monthly payments. Everything can be easily rolled into one with your new financing terms and interest rate. We work with a variety of credit scores to ensure you never pay more than needed.

Our team of professionals reviews all offers with you before you need to agree to anything. We can also provide you with the latest offers and lease deals that save you more money. All fees, such as the emission testing charge, can be added right in, making the process smoother and more streamlined for your convenience. You’ll wonder why you didn’t visit us sooner.

Get Started Today

Trading my car doesn’t need to be a complicated process. With the help of your friends at Gill CDJR, we can get you out of your old vehicle and into something newer in no time. It’s our job to make the entire process as simple as possible and we pride ourselves on meeting your needs. Schedule your visit with us today and trade in a car in Madera, CA.