Happy Gill CDJR customer receiving keys to their new car

Private Seller Vs Dealer: Where Should You Sell Your Car?

I’m Ready to Sell My Car…Where Should I Go?

The Time has finally come to purchase a new ride, which might leave you asking: Should I sell my car to the dealership or should I find a private buyer? After all, both options help you get cash for your current ride—but beyond that, the speed and ease of selling your vehicle will vary heavily. If you’re ready to sell your cruiser now, visit us at Gill Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM in Madera to get started.

What Do I Need to Do to Sell My Car to a Dealer?

The first step to selling your car involves using our free Trade-In Value report on our website—just answer a few basic questions, and we’ll give you a Kelley Blue Book® Value, which gives you an idea of what your current vehicle is worth and helps you estimate what you’ll get from selling your ride to us. Also, to speed up the process, get your paperwork ready before you arrive at our dealership—this includes your title, vehicle history reports, and all other critical documents to help you get the most value out of your current ride. Lastly, act fast after getting your estimate for your current vehicle’s value, as the market can literally change overnight—so head to our dealership and let us know you’re ready to sell your car.

Who Knew Selling a Car Could Be So Easy: Why Choose a Dealer

When you work with us as your local car dealership, we cut an abundance of time, money, and energy that goes into selling your vehicle privately—after all, think about the steps that go into selling to a third party: you’ll need to find a willing buyer, which requires money for marketing, and even potentially driving to the other corner of the state for a transaction that might not even happen. By contrast, we’re conveniently in Madera and always happy to look at your ride.

Also, we at Gill Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM have a trusted name—you can look at our reviews and know that we’re safe to work with. When you work with a private buyer, you risk dealing with sketchy and shady people, which can put you in danger. Also, third-party buyers have been known to scam with methods like giving you a fake license, taking your car for a test drive, and never returning, which leaves you at a loss. However, as your local Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM dealer, we’re always on your side and would never try to scam you.

Selling Your Car Starts in Madera: Speak with Our Team Today

Ready to sell your car? Visit us at Gill Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM, and we’ll help guide you through the process, as well as walk you through the benefits of selling your car to a dealership for boosted reassurance. When you work with us, your needs come first, so feel free to ask us anything that comes to mind, whether it’s about how title transfers will work, the pros and cons of selling options, and much more, and we’ll be happy to assist.